Hard mouth when working

I have a young horse that is quite light in the mouth but a forward moving horse. When working cattle (anything other than flat work) he will tuck his head into his chest and be hard to stop. Which bit is best to keep his head carriage (as it's almost perfect) but will bring it higher when pulling?
I trained him in a peewee bit, and recently have been trying a bar bit snaffle, also tried a Williams happy tongue. I want to also encourage his head to come around to my foot when turning as he can be a bit stiff in the neck.

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How did he go in the Williams Happy Tongue. Both the PeeWee and Bar Snaffle will be too strong which is causing him to over bend to avoid the discomfort. What size is the Williams?

Claire @ Bombers
one year 1


It is too big but he was alright. I'm not sure what size but as he is only a pony size I didn't do a lot of work with it.

Jane Clarke
one year 1


The size is important to make sure it does't "rock " over the bars. Perhaps you could take a photo of the Williams in his mouth from the front and pull it to one side and we could assess how much too big it is. The size is stamped on the side. You might like to email rather than use this platform going forward - info@bombers.co.za

Claire @ Bombers
one year 1
Thankyou, I'll do that! - Jane Clarke one year 1
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