Horse takes hold of bit and launches forward

I have a great eventer. He's a machine in the country. BUT he's a very highly strung horse. So at the start of the country and in the SJ he freaks out. He takes the a bit and launches forward and I have no way to stop him. At the last show I pulled so hard my rein broke.

He will grow out of it I am sure, but in the mean time I don't feel like having my horse ploughing through spectators and other horses. He's very strong in the country as well.

I had him in a happy mouth Pelham and kineton noseband which didn't work. I tried a fixed cheek 2 1/2 ring control plate and had zero steering and he fought me the whole way round.

He's fine at home and on outrides. So this would be a show only bit that he can't get used to. Until I have the confidence to let him be in something milder I need to have a bit that creates a serious amount of control. This is developing into a habit so I need to stop it asap!

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Hi Tammy
Whereabouts are you? Please send a photo of the bits with a tape to measure the width between the cheek pieces.

Does he show any of the following symptoms:
Shaking his head
Poking it up
Tongue coming out
Chin in against the chest

Kind regards

Claire @ Bombers
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I am in Kyalami.

He shows no symptoms before the XC. He just gets incredibly tense. So the launching happens as he comes out the starting box.

He can shake his head in the SJ.

But again this is a habit forming and a control issue from being over tense.I'd like something he can't grab a hold of so when I ask him to come back to me he will listen.

In the XC he's just strong. I have in a dressage control plate for flatwork which is perfect for him. But he needs something stronger to bring that launch to a halt.

Hope I am making sense.

What pictures of what bits do you need?

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Hi Tammy These bits are creating tongue pressure which he is objecting to. Please phone Bomber as he has some questions. 083 234 1960 - Claire @ Bombers one year 1
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