I use Pelham McHardy for jumping but need a bit for flat work?

I would like a bit to use for flat work/dressage (doesn’t have to be dressage legal)
I bought Pelham McHardy for him which is great for jumping (he respects it) but feel I need to give him a break from it whilst on the flat. Problem is when it’s anything less in his mouth (unless I use draw reins which encourages him to be so much lighter in my hands) he resists contact. He will work lower eventually once he relaxes but he still feels heavy in my hand and will lean/fix on my right hand (can also do this a little in Pelham) He is much stronger than me and I struggle.
I just want him to be able to relax into my contact and accept it. Rather than lean lift his head and pull!
Just want his head dropped a little and nose in a little but mainly relax and feel softer in my hand.
He’s 16.2 Belgium warmblood with fleshy mouth.

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