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I have a 13,2 Welsh pony who is very strong. She is currently ridden in a dutch gag on the second ring. She has previously been used as a jumping pony. She loves going fast! But she is very strong. She throws her head up and opens her mouth and tanks off. No amount of half halting, rein contact, pulling will slow her down until she is ready! Even if you can manage to keep her head down she still will not stop

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Hi Tayler,

Thank you for your question!

Please would you let me know what mouth piece is on the Dutch Gag? If you could send a photo of your bit through, that would be great!


Claire @ Bombers
one year 1
Hi Clare, It's got a French link Thanks - Tayler one year 1
Hi Tayler, Thank you for getting back to me! It is the tongue pressure that your pony is objecting to. The French Link sits at a bit of an angle on the tongue, this has the effect of concentrating the pressure over a smaller area. I recommend a Tom Thumb Bomber Blue for your pony. The Bomber Blue reduces tongue pressure, which will allow the pony to accept the pressure, instead of running away from it. The Tom Thumb adds some poll pressure and leverage to the mouth piece. The pony is reacting to and running away from pressure that she finds uncomfortable and too strong, by moving the pressure to a different area, and softening the pressure, she will stop running away from it. Regards, Claire@Bombers - Claire @ Bombers one year 1
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