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Sorry I hope iam not doubling up on questions. We have a pony ridden by child (7) . He was riding her in a Tom Thumb snaffle with Long shanks as she is stubborn to turn at times. Teeth have been done , we do flexion exercises everyone at start of ride and have been working hard on his halt. However as she can be stubborn and sometimes strong I researched your bits and asked a supplier.
I have just purchased a Williams Control Plate 45, she has been ridden in it twice. Results are she seems to be resisting by opening her mouth and lifting her head more. We also have rings on her I should have mentioned.
I am wondering if I have purchased a suitable but in your opinion, she is a welsh pony with what I think is a chubby tongue. I have attached a video of her in her old snaffle

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Hi Ann,

Your video doesn't appear to have come through, please would you re-send it.

It can be difficult to tell from a Snaffle whether a horse would prefer tongue pressure or not, the Snaffle doesn't create a lot of tongue pressure, it creates a lot of squeezing pressure on the bars, most horses will object to this. From your description, I would say that the pony is actually sensitive to tongue pressure, that is why she is objecting more to the Control Plate than she did with the Snaffle. I suggest looking more to a tongue relief bit, such as the Ported Barrel.

The Williams cheek piece is great for backing up the turning aids, I would just advice being aware that it is a stronger cheek piece that brings the pressure in very quickly.


Claire @ Bombers
10 months ago
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