Young tb - ideas on bits?

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I am looking for some advice. I am soon to be getting an OTTB that is young and hot (as always, haha). Obviously I can’t tell you how he is going to be like to ride but I don’t want to just put a random bit in his mouth and him hating it.

Would you have any suggestions on a bit for unschooled, hot Thoroughbreds?
Which bit works the best for those types of horses?

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Hi Sofia,

Each individual horse will have a preference for where pressure is placed in the mouth, it is difficult to say which pressure your new horse would prefer until you've ridden him.

Having said that though, generally we would recommend the Control Plate as a good place to start, the Control Plate uses tongue pressure and can create a fork in the road for us. A horse that likes tongue pressure will respond well to the Control Plate, a horse that is sensitive to tongue pressure will not.

However, we are seeing a lot of Thoroughbreds that do not like tongue pressure, a hot horse is also often a sensitive horse, and the more sensitive the horse, generally the more unhappy they are with tongue pressure.

I would suggest starting off with a Loose Ring Narrow Tongue for your new OTTB. The Narrow Tongue has a slightly narrower port which is likely to better suit him than the standard wide port. This mouth piece uses almost no tongue pressure, and the Loose Ring ensure a quick release from pressure, which will help him to learn what is required of him.


Claire @ Bombers
10 months ago
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