Idea for Sensetive but strong Exracer

My mare is very sensetive in mouth but can be extremely strong. I believe she doesn't like tongue pressure (head up & out / head tosses / evades bit / tongue over bit / won't take a contact. Tried several types of snaffle & has HATED them all. Tried Bomber Happy Tongue but didn't get on with it at all. Was ridden in a Myler Comfort Snaffle & tolerated it but was extremely strong. Now in Myler Combination Bit but has severe reactions in throwing head back if she's tries to take off with me & I resist. Otherwise works nicely in it (for her) but still not taking contact.

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Hi Amy,

What we are seeing lately is a lot of horses that have a narrow bottom jaw, on top of this, the bars of this narrow jaw are often asymetriacal, and the horse is frequently sensitive to tongue pressure. This creates a little bit of a fitting issues. We need to ensure that the bit sits correctly on the bars, when the bottom jaw is narrow, this means having to have a narrower port, which means we are sacrificing some tongue relief. The asymetrical bars add to the problem as the bit will load them unevenly.

For horses that are showing signs of having the combinations, we have found the Drop Cheek Morgan Bomber Blue Swivel works very well.

The Bomber Blue mouth piece in this bit is able to rotate, this allows the horse to set the port at the angle they find most comfortable, the angle of the port does not change when the contact is taken up. The top ring is also unique. First it is a loose ring, which eliminates all poll pressure, the ring is also able to swivel, so that it can never dig into the side of the face.


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