Dressage legal bit for horse that curls behind the bridle but also takes a strong contact


Taking on a new horse - 10yo wb trained to advanced level and keen to hear what you would recommend. I have trialled this horse twice in a HS double jointed eggbutt snaffle and, while its acceptable, think there may be a better bit.

On the two rides I found this horse curls behind thd bridle but once contact is established it can feel quite heavy and strong. Appreciate this is, in large part, due to his prior training and the onus is on me to ride with a soft giving hand, but also interested to hear what else you may suggest. He appears to accept the bit and play with it in his mouth, so there is still white foam around his mouth while he is in work. I have seen previous video of his earlier training being ridden with an unstable hand, so can see how this issue is may be due to prior riding experience.

Look forward to your advice.

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Hi Andree,

Aside from the training issues, and also the horses past experience with the bit, I believe that part of the curling and leaning on the bit is trying to avoid tongue pressure. First he curls in the hopes of getting away from it in that way, and when that doesn't work, he then leans on it in an attempt to numb the pressure.

I recommend a Eggbutt Ported Barrel for him. The Ported Barrel will remove the pressure from his tongue, which will allow him to accept the contact.


Claire @ Bombers
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