Pony crosses her jaw under pressure please recommend bit?

I have an Argie pony that is very talented and wins many speed Jumping competitions, but is very strong and difficult when I take up contact. I have tried a huge range of different bits including a hackamore. The pony's main problem seems to be evading by crossing her jaw, but she will freak if she has a flash or grackle on. The pony is perfectly behaved if not under pressure.

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Have you checked neck back and Jaw - we have had experience of a horse taking water in its mouth over to its feed in order to soften the food we discovered that the horse's jaw was out and required manipulation
to correct it which solved the problem.

If the horse is 100%, then we need to find out if the horse will work with tongue pressure, if so then we would recommend a cherry roller control plate or Petros control plate to stop the horse taking hold of
the bit - if she doesn't accept tongue pressure a happy tongue with cherry roller or Petros on the sides could help.

The cherry roller or Petros has been very successful in these cases. The flash or grackle would certainly not help as it creates more pressure and resistance - no wonder she objects strongly.

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