What to use if horse is a head shaker and bulges his tongue with or without contact

My 9 yo TB has always bulged his tongue when the bit is in his mouth, I’ve tried many different bits but he still does it, he doesn’t seem to be in pain. At the moment I have him in a rubber d-ring snaffle and a grackle nose band as he likes to open and twist his mouth too and he is comfortable with it but still shakes his head time to time when I ask him to contain himself a bit more (he used to shake a lot worse when I had him in a copper roller bit). He also chomps at the bit as if he was bored and curls his top lip as if he was smiling haha, may he is just strange. Anything I could do that could better the situation?
Thanks so much!

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Hi Eve,

Your horse is showing that he is not completely comfortable with where the bit is placing pressure in his mouth. The Snaffle uses a lot of pressure on the sides of the bars, which many horses are not very comfortable with. Any tongue evasions always point to the horse being uncomfortable with tongue pressure. Most of our traditional bits use pressure on the tongue, even the Snaffle give some tongue pressure, though less than a 3-piece bit.

I recommend a Loose Ring Ported Barrel for your horse. This will take the pressure off his tongue. He should then be able to settle in his mouth and the head shaking should also go away completely.


Claire @ Bombers
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Is there a quote for how much this bit is? - Eve one year 1
Hi Eve, Please would you email me on claire@bombers.co.za and I will get a quote through to you. Please would you also let me know where you are based. Regards, Claire@Bombers - Claire @ Bombers one year 1
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