Hot-tempered and sensitive mare


I have a very energetic mare. She is also quite temperamentful and sensitive and tense up really easily.
From the beginning I rode her on a Sprenger Dynamic RS, a two-jointed bit, which she disliked heavily and sometimes put her tongue over and also opened her mouth in protest. I have tried a Stübben EZ-Control Pelham and it is not as bad as the Sprenger but it is too strong for her. She defends herself by going behind the bit.

I have tried a Sprenger KK Correction bit and in the beginning she was tense and sceptical, but it got a lot better and she actually relaxed after a while. But I still felt that it was a little bit too strong.

So I guess im looking for a bit gentle enough for her to take the contact but where I also have a some kind of break if she runs of.

She has a little bit of a parrot mouth. Nothing severe but I just wanna mention it any way.

She is checked by both vet and chiro and had her teeth done a couple of months ago.

Kind regards, Kristina

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Hi Kristina,

Thank you for mentioning your horse's slight parrot mouth. A parrot mouth tends to have slightly less room in the mouth, we then know we need to keep the bit on the thinner side to fit comfortably.

I recommend a Loose Ring Ported Barrel for your horse. The Ported Barrel gives very good tongue relief, it will also sit nicely between her tongue and palate. The arms of the bit are able to move independently of each other, this allows the rider to work on one side of the mouth at a time. The Correction Bit has sides that are quite angled, the Ported Barrel will sit on her bars at less of an angle, making it more comfortable for her.


Claire @ Bombers
11 months ago
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