Full Cheek with or without keepers

Hi there,
I recently changed from a loose ring Dressage control plate to a full cheek one, and I know the plate has to sit in a certain position on the horse’s tongue. Is the full cheek designed to be used with or without keepers, for it to sit correctly (flat) on the horse’s tongue? Are keepers recommended with bomber full cheek bits or not?

If there is no specific recommendation, which one is gentler and softer?

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Hi Lisa,

The plate will sit a little flatter on the tongue without the keepers, with the keepers the pressure is very slightly more pronounced on the back of the plate. This makes the bit a little softer without the keepers. The advantage of the keepers though is that the pressure on the side of the face, which backs up the reins aids, is in a better position. The keepers also make it slightly more difficult for the pins to be caught on anything.


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