Horse gets his tongue over the bit. What bit would you recommend?

I own a 5 year old ex-race horse that we using for show jumping. We have used a normal French link snaffle and he became too heavy so we changed to a Waterford. This has worked very well until now when he has started to "play around" with his tongue and sometimes gets his tongue over the bit.

What would you recommend? He is a very talented horse and has developed way above expectations so we are very keen on finding the right bit to continue this positive trend. Anything you could recommend?

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Did your horse shake its head or stick its tongue out when taking up the bit with the French link?

How long have you been riding with the Waterford?

Our Happy Tongue has been designed for a horse with a sensitive tongue and will only apply bar pressure. We would recommend either a Happy Tongue 14/8mm, 2 1/2 ring or a Happy Tongue baby Pelham.

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