Pony opens her mouth and crosses her jaw and yanks the reins.

My daughters pony is a 14 yr old 13.2 hh new forest. As my daughters riding ability has progressed she had started to ask the pony to work in more of a contact. Up to now she has had a very loose( non existent) contact. When she takes up the contact the pony opens her mouth and crosses her jaw. Sometimes she snatches the reins out her hands. She is not at all strong but has a naturally high head carriage but can throw her head up to avoid the contact as well. She is currently in a loose ring snaffle with a lozenge. Which bit should we try? It must be dressage legal for pony club.

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Hi Karen,

The Lozenge will create mostly tongue pressure, it is this pressure that your daughter's pony is trying to avoid. Once we remove the tongue pressure you will find that the pony is able to keep her mouth closed and be more consistent in the contact.

I recommend a Loose Ring Happy Tongue for your pony. This will take the pressure off her tongue very well, and allow to respond to the contact.

Unfortunately I don't have the Pony Club rules, I cannot confirm whether the bit is legal. The bit is however FEI Dressage legal, as well as legal under most national associations.


Claire @ Bombers
12 months ago
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