Softest bit for tongue sensitive horses?

My young horse (5) is currently being ridden in a Neue Schule Loose Ring turtletop, but wouldn't stop chewing and chomping on it. Someone recommended I try the Bomber Eggbutt Barrel 20 or 30 cant remember which one but I tried it on him today and although he definitely chomped less, he seemed like he was trying to get his tongue under the bit and kept playing with it. To ride him, he goes beautifully and soft in both bits I have tried, but I want a bit for him that he is comfortable enough to not feel the need to chomp constantly. I am wondering if he must be tongue sensitive? He has an extremely soft mouth so I'm looking for a very very soft bit for him that relieves any tongue pressure for him and is also dressage legal. Thanks heaps :)

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Hi Annie,

Your horse does sound tongue sensitive to me. Excessive chomping on the bit is always a sign that the horse is not completely comfortable.

The Barrel 20 and Barrel 30 do not use as much tongue pressure as the Turtletop, but they don't relieve any tongue pressure either.

The Loose Ring Narrow Tongue is one of the softest tongue relief bits. This mouth piece is slightly narrower than the Happy Tongue, so that it better fits a horse with a narrow bottom jaw, we are seeing many of these horses currently. This mouth piece does a very good job of removing the pressure from the tongue, which then allows the horse to quietly accept the contact. The Loose Ring Narrow Tongue is Dressage legal under the FEI and most national associations.


Claire @ Bombers
12 months ago
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