I'm seeking comfort for a pony that tries so hard...

I try hard to keep my hands still but I can't seem to get her to ever really sit into the contact.
Just wondering if you could take a look.
Currently in a standard bit and bradoon - a fairly straight single break eggbutt. She is pretty much the same in the snaffle - which has only a slight curve.
Wondering if the happy mouth is the first bit I should go to - to make her more comfortable?
Best wishes, P

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Hi Pamela,

Thank you for sending the link to your video through!

I suggest a Loose Ring Ultra Comfy Lock Up for Serena. This will eliminate the squeezing action on the bars, and it greatly reduces tongue pressure because it is angled to go up and over the tongue. The Ultra Comfy Lock Up also makes a very good bradoon.

For a Weymouth I would look at either the Narrow Tongue or the Dressage Port. The choice will be dependent on how wide or narrow her bottom jaw is. The Dressage Port will better fit a very narrow jaw.


Claire @ Bombers
12 months ago
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