What bit for a horse with a sensitive mouth?

Hi I am absolutely at my wits end... I have a 15.3hh Warmblood, who I assume has a very sensitive mouth, I have tried everything from a loose ring snaffle to a straight nathe. The problem is, his head is not set on terribly well, and he will not take any contact. Apart from this, as soon as I have any contact, he grabs the bit and yanks it out of my hands( serious whiplash stuff!) and then trips.. I have had the farrier roll the toes of his shoes, the equine dentist should be here shortly... Is there any bit that you would recommend? I do dressage, so would have to be legal

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Your horse sounds very sensitive.  We recommend two bits for you. 
The Bomber Blue loose ring, this would be for all your training.  The bomber blue is a very soft bit that is ported to give tongue relief, it is made from a nylon composite.  It is not legal.
For shows we recommend the Lock-up snaffle loose ring.  It is the closest legal bit to the bomber blue. 
We also suggest that you have a physio look at your horse if you haven’t already, just to check that there isn’t a pain issue somewhere

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Oh hell, he was even WORSE.... Will try the snaffle tomorrow.. ... When I put it on this morning(yes the port was on top) he grabbed the bit and yanked as hard as he could down... so I thought I would just carry on - give the bit the benefit of the doubt!!  and then he was fine for a bit..(excuse the pun!!) But as I went into trot, he shook his head so badly , head up in the air, then yanked down again as hard as he could muster... I have had everything checked, back saddle teeth... am now so befuddled! - 5 years ago
Yay!! Success! Don went fantastically in the Lock up snaffle- different horse!!! - 5 years ago
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