Horse that consistently gets tongue over bit

I have a horse that is always getting is tongue over the bit and has done so for many years. He can be very dull in the mouth especially when I first get on. Then he can get very strong and goes through the bit. Tends to want to go head high when he pulls & then when the pressure of the bit comes on he puts his tongue over and has mouth open. I have tried a Winning Tongue Plate but he hates it and foam pours out of his mouth and he doesn't swallow and has his mouth wide open and goes very dead in the mouth. When he does relax with his mouth closed and bit under tongue he comes very soft but there is never any guarantee that its going to happen!! Suggestions please!

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Hi Berrie,

Putting the tongue over the bit is a sign that the horse is sensitive to tongue pressure. By putting his tongue over the bit he is removing the tongue pressure which is a little more comfortable for him.

I recommend a Loose Ring Happy Tongue for your horse. The Happy Tongue takes the pressure off the tongue, with the pressure removed your horse will have no need to put his tongue over the bit. He will also be more accepting and responsive to the pressure because it is more comfortable for him.


Claire @ Bombers
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