Stronger bit for a showjumper

Please could you advise myself on a few new bits I could try!

I showjump my horse is a Bombers Petros Buster Roller Loose Ring, however I need a little more control. I have tried a 3 ring Dutch gag but the bit was too strong and my horse went very backwards, not wanting to go forward and take a contact. I have also tried an eggbutt French link snaffle but doesn’t like a fixed cheek either. He does carry his nose up and out and does cross his jaw when being pulled. He also wears a flash bridle and running martingale. I am unsure of what bit to use to get better control?! Any advice would be appreciated!! Thankyou!

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Hi Megan,

Thank you for your question!

The Buster Roller asks the horse to lift his head, this is why he is getting a little high.

I recommend a Loose Ring McHardy for your horse, the McHardy has the same middle piece as the Buster Roller, but the McHardy has a port in it which takes some pressure off the tongue. The McHardy also uses less pressure on the sides of the bars. Both of these will help your horse to lower his head and stop crossing his jaws. You will have more control when you are jumping.


Claire @ Bombers
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