Bit for an energetic horse which has a sensitive mouth for showjumping

I am needing a bit for my horse who has a sensitive mouth but while show jumping she gets extremely fast and strong when leading to the jump.

I am currently training so hopefully I will gain more control for my lessons. But, in the meantime I would like to try a new bit.

I tried a pelham the other day and she was fine in walk and trot and I had more control leading to the jump...but it was too much on her mouth in canter. She was throwing her head up high, may as well be cantering on the spot and I didnt have hold of my reins at all!

Any advice please! She currently rides in a ultra kk dynamic snaffle for flatwork.


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Hi Lisa,

Please could you tell me what mouth piece was on the Pelham that you tried? The mouth piece is what determines where pressure is placed in the mouth, this makes it the most important part of the bit. By knowing what mouth piece was on the Pelham, I will know what pressure is being used, I can then recommend a bit that will move the pressure to a different area of the mouth, thus making your horse more comfortable.


Claire @ Bombers
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