Bit size?

My mare is in a 5 1/2" bit just now, would like to buy a happy tongue 3 ring gag what size should I buy?

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Hi Jade,

If your current bit is a broken bit, such as an Elliptical or Plate, with a Loose Ring type cheek piece, we need to go down 10mm for the Happy Tongue to fit correctly. 5½ inch is 140mm, so a 130mm should fit correctly. If your current bit is a broken bit with a fixed cheek piece, then you only need to go down 5mm. This is to ensure that the loose ring of the 3 Ring have enough space to ensure they do not pinch.

The measurements assume that your current bit fit correctly. For a fixed cheek piece we want to see the cheek pieces sitting flush with the lips as there is no danger of pinching. For a loose ring type cheek piece we want to see just 2.5mm between the edge of the lips and the edge of the hole the ring goes through.


Claire @ Bombers
12 months ago
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