Hi I have a 17hh 5 year old chestnut gelding TBxID. He hunts as a whips horse, he isn't too stong, I can hold him in a 2.5 ring universal. When he is approaching a jump he is quite forward going and if you take a pull or check his head goes in the air as high as he can put it and he looses all his canter. On the other side of the fence if you take a pull to slow him down when everyone else has stopped he will toss his head or put it down and shake his head from side to side.
I have tried him in one of your d ring elliptical lozenge snaffles and he shook his head and tossed it in the air when I get you took a pull.
I tried him in a waterford Pelham and he stook his head down, and snatched at the bit and shook his head from side to side quite violently.
I have tried a neue schule, running gag with lozenge and full cheek pieces and he stuck his head in the air and lost his canter as you came into a fence and took a pull.
I've also tried a snaffle with lozenge (neue schule) with full cheek pieces, I've also tried him in this but with 2.5 rings but the same occurred with the head tossing and sticking it in the air.
I had his teeth done 3 weeks ago.
I currently ride him in your d ring elliptical lozenge snaffle but as I said he just puts his head in the air and thus makes it rather difficult to jump.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing back from you.
Kind regards Oliver

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Hi Oliver,

All the bit you have tried will use tongue pressure to some extent. Your horses reaction to the bits tells us he is sensitive to tongue pressure, his evasions are his way of trying to remove the pressure from his tongue.

I recommend 2½ Ring Ported Barrel for him. The Ported Barrel will take the pressure off his tongue very well, this will stop the head shaking and allow him to lower his head. He will be much more responsive to the rein aids with the tongue pressure removed.


Claire @ Bombers
12 months ago
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