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I have just purchased an educated 13yo thoroughbred gelding who snatches the bit out and down to release the contact (only at walk and halt). He also snatches at the bit coming up to a fence. Apparently he's always been fussy like this. Currently in a single joint curved bar snaffle which is working the best. Have tried Happy Mouth bits, french and oval link snaffles. Looking for a dressage and showjumping bit. He can get strong in SJ. Thank you!

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Hi Liam,

Snatching is a sign that the horse is uncomfortable with tongue pressure. All the bit that you have mentioned will use tongue pressure to some extent. The Snaffle (single joint) uses the least tongue pressure, which is why he is better in that than the others you have tried.

I recommend a Loose Ring Ported Barrel for Dressage and a 2½ Ring Narrow Tongue for Show Jumping. We often see horses that are worse in the Show Jumping because they are more excited, this excitement magnifies the resistance to the bit. For this reason the Jumping bit I have recommend is a slightly softer mouth piece, but with the option of adding in poll pressure and leverage on the mouth piece if necessary.


Claire @ Bombers
12 months ago
Hi Claire! Thanks so much for answering! I cant seem to find the Narrow Tongue bit on the website? - Liam Smith 12 months ago
Hi Liam, The website is unfortunately a little out of date. The Narrow Tongue just has a slightly narrower port than the Happy Tongue. We are seeing many horses with a narrow bottom jaw, the Narrow Tongue fits this confirmation better than the Happy Tongue. Regards, Claire@Bombers - Claire @ Bombers 12 months ago
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