Bit advice needed for horse going into dressage (eventing)!

My horse currently rides in a 4 ring gag with roundings. He has a micklem bridle which he's pretty comfortable in. However the gag currently isn't working the best for us as he doesn't accept it. He sometimes leans on it and/or ignores any light aids. Although he's not completely uncomfortable with it, I just don't feel as if it's right for him. This isn't the main problem though.
We're moving into eventing and need a dressage legal bit that he actually listens to. Nothing too harsh for him, but just something that I can give him aids with for him to be comfortable with and follow through with. With the 4 ring (I know it's not dressage legal anyway!), he doesn't seem to accept it and want to carry his head with an outline. I know this is due to riding as well, but unless he's being forced into one, he tends to carry his nose out. If I were to say, I'd definitely put him in the 'head up and out' category as this description fits him perfectly.

My question is, out of the bits in this category, which would best suit that is dressage legal? He can get excitable, especially when out at shows and is strong. I just worry about him being uncomfortable, or getting something too harsh (although I do try to keep a consistent lightness to my hands).
Thank you!

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Hi Sian,

Please would you let me know what mouth piece is on the 4 Ring Gag that you are using?

This will tell me what pressure is currently being used, I can then recommend a bit that will be Dressage legal, and will move the pressure to a different part of the mouth.


Claire @ Bombers
11 months ago
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