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Hi, I’m currently riding my 16.2 warmblood and he’s been going around in a snaffle for 2 years now. He’s perfectly happy with his snaffle and I have never had any dramas with using this bit, up until I have started doing some more cross country. I find him quite difficult to stop and steer and this progressively gets worse throughout the course. I find steering him a struggle because he’s just not responding at all. In the show jumping it is more manageable but it can still be a bit of a struggle. I was just wondering what would best suit him and help me to steer, stop and the options that I could try to fix the problem :)

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Hi Courtney,

The bit that you have been using, is that a single joint? Would you be able to send me a photo of the bit? Seeing the bit will tell me what pressure is currently being used.

What does he do with his head and neck when you are trying to stop him? When you are asking him to turn, does he throw his head for just completely ignore the aid?

Know what your current bit is will tell me what pressure he is resisting, from there I can recommend a bit that will create a pressure that he will accept more readily.


Claire @ Bombers
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