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hi, so I currently ride my ex racer in a myler hanging cheek snaffle, have tried all sorts of bits/bridles for him to see what he is most comfortable in. He works well in a micklem bridle but the bit is still an issue, he chews it a lot, grinds his teeth, sticks his head out and also shakes his head if you put too much pressure on. I was thinking about the happy tongue bit, is there anything better than this? I also do a few non affil dressage competitions, is this bit legal for this?
I look forward to hearing from you, thankyou.

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Hi Paige,

The Happy Tongue is Dressage legal. Yes, it would be a good choice for your horse as he is showing signs of being sensitive to tongue pressure, however if you are going to be concentrating a little more on Dressage and schooling, then I would recommend the Eggbutt Ported Barrel for your horse.

This bit also gives very good tongue relief, but because the port is hinged, it allows independent lateral aids. For Dressage it can be a great help if the rider is able to work on one side of the mouth at a time. The Eggbutt Ported Barrel is also Dressage legal.


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