Horse gets extremely strong and dashes off on her own. Any bit suggestions?

I have an 11 year old unschooled thoroughbred I am having trouble finding the right bit for dressage, the standard snaffles are not working. She can get extremely strong at times and do a dash off on her own steam, otherwise when working quietly she gets quite resistant to the bit and sets her jaw badly. I have tried a normal loose ring with a lozenge link and also a hanging cheek with a French link and a Rotary bit. The hanging cheek creates complete stiffness with regards to bending and turning and the loose ring is far too mild (even normal transitions down are an issue with it).

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What does your horse do with her head in the lozenge link and the French link? Does she shake her head, suck her tongue back, stick her tongue over the bit or out the side of her mouth? Have you had teeth, neck and back checked? This should be done before trying to bit correctly. We have options that will comply with the dressage requirements as soon as we hear from you. - Administrator 6 years ago
She doesn't do any head shaking or what not. With the lozenge and the french link to a certain extent she sets her jaw and can lean. Teeth, neck and back have been checked. The main problems are the setting of the jaw (more so with the hanging cheek) and the lack of control when she charges off. I don't want to put a strong bit in as like I said when she's working quietly there are no issues - just the occasional 100 m dash that leaves me with no brakes at all. - 6 years ago


If you are able to borrow a bomber blue or happy tongue loose ring bit from someone in a 130mm width, this would be useful to see how she responds. She has a sensitive tongue and requires a mouth piece that reduces tongue pressure. The best we can offer that is dressage legal is the lock-up loose ring, which is the single break snaffle which is locked to prevent the nutcracker action which she will not like at all.

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