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I have a 13 yr old Irish sports mare that I have tried a number of bits on. She hates all except a myler combination.(ported long shank) With other bits she crosses her jaw, sticks her tongue out and is generally unhappy. Have done all the normal checks etc. However I would like something a bit more acceptable. She is quite a strong mare. I am not heavy handed with her though. She does work in a nice outline in the myler. She does have quite a big tongue. I wonder if you have something that may be a better option. Thanks

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Hi Lisa,

The Myler Combination, while quite a strong bit, will not concentrate pressure on the tongue. I believe the problem is that your horse is sensitive to tongue pressure, this is why he goes better in the Myler Combination, because of the port that gives tongue relief.

Sticking the tongue out is always a sign that the horse is unhappy with pressure being placed on the tongue. I recommend a 2½ Happy Tongue for your horse. The Happy Tongue will take the pressure off her tongue very well, allowing her to accept the contact. When she is accepting the contact, you will have control as she won't be resisting.


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