I have a very big wb x tb who has been very hard to bit I often have to change bits every few months as he gets used to them and then just runs past them, he has a very meaty tongue so hard to bit without him getting offended or not listening, ive tried a rubber palham, Kimbetwick, ain't crack running gag with big rings, 4 ringed gag and I'm now I'm a wtp anti crack elevator bit for xc and have ridden in that for the last 8 months or so but as he has gotten fitter and stronger he has started opening his mouth and running past me and trying a hackamore in sj

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Hi Lilly,

All of the bits you have tried will create tongue pressure to some extent, this is what is making your horse stronger. Your horse is sensitive to tongue pressure, we often see horses that are sensitive to tongue pressure running through the hand in an attempt to get away from the pressure.

I recommend a Williams Ported Barrel for your horse. Taking the pressure off the tongue is going to make a huge difference in how he goes as he will be more responsive to the pressure, without opening his mouth.


Claire @ Bombers
9 months ago
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