What kind of bit do you recomend to my sensitive warmblood horse?

Hello, i have a Horse he is a warmblood ( a trotting Horse) im scooling him to a riding Horse, and i have owned him now for about 1 year. And our problem now is that i can't find a bit that he like and are comfortable with. We have ben to the vet and check his mouth. And i have test so many bits on him, but i havent find any bit that he likes or it isn't any "wow" feeling. When im riding him he feels heavy, and strong, and sometimes he does something with his toungue (its likes he is trying to put it ower but he have never done it), and When i try to work with him and try to make him search down to the bit and take support on it he just get irritated/stressed and starts pulling and strong. I ride him right now on a straight D-ring bit, or bitless. But its not a "wow" feeling. So my question is do you have any bit you recommend to us?
Thankfull for an answer).

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Hi Amanda,

The straight bar is a very strong bit, it uses a large amount of pressure over the whole mouth at once. Many horses will try to escape this pressure, one of the ways they try to do that is to get strong and heavy on the bit.

Trying to put his tongue over the bit is a sign that he does not want pressure on his tongue.

I recommend a Loose Ring Bomber Blue for your horse. The Bomber Blue will take pressure off his tongue, this will stop him from wanting to put his tongue over the bit. When he is more comfortable, he will be more responsive to the bit, this will make him lighter in the contact and more able to take support.


Claire @ Bombers
9 months ago
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