A sensitive mouth but biting the snaffel

Hi, I have a horse, 7 years so just starting adulthood with a sensitive mouth. He however sometimes behaves badly and can lean on the snaffel as well as bite the bit, pull out the rains and go into rodeo mode. Most of the time he behaves very well, but you can not trust him 100%. I would need a bit that would be sensitive, but still gives me a quick control when needed. He opens his mouth and sometimes sticks his tongue out and as said often leans on the bit, especially on the right rein. I have your new Waterford, with the square bits, a regular waterfor and a baby pelham with the plate for use when hacking. I'd very much like a quite standard snaffel, but I haven't found any that suits him. I tried for instance Neue Schule's Turtel Tactio and he was really good but also got to bite really hard into the bit when he didn't want to do something.

So should I try a twist with a plate or what would you recommend?

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Hi Camilla,

I wouldn't recommend a twist for your horse. While he may be much better initially, he will start to resist it as well.

Your horse is showing signs of being sensitive to tongue pressure, all his resistances point to this, from the leaning to the rodeo mode! He is trying to escape a pressure that he finds uncomfortable.

In order to gain control, especially when he has his moments of silliness, we need to go to a very soft bit. If the bit doesn't cause any resistances then he will respond to it. The incorrect bit will make his rodeoing worse because the pressure adds to his anxiety.

I recommend a Loose Ring Happy Tongue for him. The Happy Tongue will take the pressure off his tongue, once this pressure has been removed you will find that he will stop leaning and yanking on the reins, and when he does get silly, he will be much easier to bring back.


Claire @ Bombers
8 months ago



Thanks for the extremely quick answer! So you think he will not be able to bite into the Happy Tongue? The problem has been that he actually does bite into the bit and then there is no stopping the rodea. :D

8 months ago
Hi Camilla, With the pressure off his tongue he will not have a reason to want to bit onto the bit, we'll be stopping the behavior at it's source instead of just covering it up. Regards, Claire@Bombers - Claire @ Bombers 8 months ago
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