What do you mean in the description of the Fulmer happy tongue, changing the cheek pieces? And do I need to use fixers on my bridle to keep the bit in place or should the bit and sides be free to move?

I've previously tried the Neue Schule turtle tactio universal but found my warmblood x cob mare found this too much and showed classic signs of too much tongue pressure by sticking her tongue completely out the side of her mouth. I then put her back in a French link on the advice of the dentist but she gave the same reaction. Aswell as sticking her tongue out she went round with her head up and nose out. Which I assume is too much bar pressure aswell as too much pressure on the tongue. I'm now trialling the your Fulmer happy tongue and only ridden in it twice. I've never used a Fulmer and was told I need the cheek keepers. But if I attach the keepers would this completely change the position of the bit in her mouth in a way that's not intended? Also what do you mean in the description by 'changing the cheek pieces'? Look forward to hearing your advice.

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Hi Lydia,

Changing the cheek piece in the description of the Happy Tongue is just there to let riders know that if their horse is happy with the Happy Tongue mouth piece, then we can make the Happy Tongue with different cheek pieces if the rider maybe needs a little more control.

I like the keepers with the Fulmer Happy Tongue for two reasons. Firstly the keepers keep the pins parallel to the face, this makes them safer as it is more difficult for them to get caught on something if the horse goes to rub it's head. The keepers can change the angle of the bit in the mouth, however with the Happy Tongue what happens is that it keeps the port more upright in the mouth, keeping it going up and over the tongue, the keepers also prevent the mouth piece from being able to rotate forward when the contact is taken up, this further reduces tongue pressure because as the port rotates onto the tongue, some tongue pressure will be introduced through the top of the port.


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