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Hi Claire,
I have a 12 year old ex-racehorse who I event in your 45 control plate loose ring bit. He goes fantastically in it. However, now I’ve started hunting him he gets very very strong in the bit when galloping. He sticks his neck out flat and goes completely wooden and nothing I can do can get him to flex, turn his head or stop! As soon as I’ve got his poll flexed and his nose ticked in I have control but it takes so much wrestling to get him to do that. I’ve also tried him in a traditional nutcracker mouthpiece but with a medium ring gag cheek piece and it isn’t really helping and he refuses to flex his poll and holds his head in the air, presumably because the mouth peace isn’t as comfortable as his 45 control plate. I think I probably need a bit with the 45 control plate but a strong cheek piece that will help me flex his poll and get control when he’s flat out. And do you think the Petros could be worth a try? He opens his mouth when resisting, a drop noseband helps. His teeth are up to date. Could you please help me? Thank you!

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Hi Rhi,

The Snaffle actively asks the horse to raise their head by the amount of sideways pressure it uses on the bars.

Opening his mouth is a sign that he isn't happy with the pressure and is trying to escape it. I think we need to move the pressure a bit. He doesn't seem to mind tongue pressure while doing any of the Eventing disciplines, but it seems that directly pressure is a little too much for him when Hunting.

I recommend a Fulmer Barrel 20 for Hunting. The Fulmer will help by backing up the turning aids. The Barrel 20 will spread the pressure out over his mouth, with slightly more pressure on the bars. This is stronger than the Control Plate, but more importantly it uses very different pressure.


Claire @ Bombers
8 months ago
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