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I have a 6yo OTTB whom currently rides in a Eggbutt snaffle with lozenge. When turning, or taking up the reins, she tilts her head, opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. After swapping to a Micklem bridle, this has improved however the head tilt and open mouth is still there. I was wondering what bit you would recommend? We compete so it has to be legal :)

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Hi Ella,

The Micklem will help to slightly suspend the bit in the mouth, this reduces pressure to some degree, which is why your horse is better with the Micklem.

Sticking her tongue out is a sign that she does not want tongue pressure, while tilting can often be a sign that bar pressure is a bit of an issue.

I recommend a Loose Ring Ultra Comfy Lock Up. The Ultra Comfy is double locked so that it cannot fold downwards or backwards, this means that it retains its shape in the horse’s mouth, and it eliminates any nut cracker action.  The mouth piece is also angled on the sides, so that it goes up and over the tongue, this greatly reduces tongue pressure, while not greatly increasing pressure on the bars.  Due to its’ shape, it will also fit the horse with a narrow bottom jaw without causing any discomfort.


Claire @ Bombers
9 months ago
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