Bit for sensitive mouthed but very strong foxhunter?

I have an 8 year old OTTB that has been in a D ring snaffle with a copper lozenge. When he is excited (either when hacking out with several other horses or especially when hunting), he tends to pull a lot and resists the bit by putting his head up, tilting it to one side, or trying to pull the reins out my hands by rooting or tossing his head. This is worse out hunting, where he needs more consistent contact. I recently tried him in a Kimberwicke, thinking he needed tongue relief. He went well in that out hacking...nice frame, no pulling, etc. But when I tried to hunt him in it, he tried to get his tongue over the bit, was galloping with his head down too far, and started throwing his head around (with barely any contact), obviously uncomfortable. So now I am wondering what to try for this sensitive mouthed horse who can get strong out hunting....any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Andrea,

Your horse is showing signs of being sensitive to pressure being place on his tongue. The traditional Kimblewick, with the low, narrow port, does not offer very much tongue relief. Due the port being small and the side being very straight, it can apply quite a lot of pressure.

The more excited the horse is, the bigger their resistances get, this can mean their favorite activities are often where they show the biggest signs.

I recommend a Williams McHardy for him. The McHardy takes a lot of pressure off the tongue, leaving just a little to ask the horse to bring his head in a touch. The McHardy also does not overload the bars as it spreads the pressure out over the mouth.


Claire @ Bombers
5 months ago
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