Pony that leans down on the bit

Hi there. I have a 15hh Connemara pony who can get very excited jumping, especially for XC. He has a low head carriage and I think I need something with lift. He will sometimes pull his head right down on landing after a fence and lean down on the bit, and even bucks occasionally. He can also get strong at the canter and gallop In the open. He is normally ridden in a French link loose ring snaffle with a flash strap as he used to poke his tongue out. In dressage he will also lean on the hands and like to carry himself too low.

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Hi Natasha,

Poking the tongue out is a sign that the horse is not comfortable with tongue pressure, when the horse is comfortable with the pressure of the bit, they will keep their mouth quiet.

The French Link uses mainly tongue pressure to communicate with the horse. The angle that the French Link plate is set at means the plate does not sit flat on the tongue, this concentrate the pressure over a smaller surface area.

I recommend an Eggbutt Ported Barrel for your horse. The Ported Barrel will take the pressure off his tongue, allowing him to raise his head and become quieter in the mouth. The Eggbutt cheek pieces will provide a little pressure on the side of the face just to start to back up the turning aids.


Claire @ Bombers
9 months ago
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