Bit for strong sensitive headshaking WB

Hi I am riding a big WB horse that is too strong on a normal snaffle eggbut bit. I have tried the control plate lose ring and it is perfect to control him but whenever I need slightly more pressure on the bit he will throw his head up and shake it. Would there be a better option for him? Thank you

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Hi Joy,

Shaking his head is a sign that your horse doesn't like pressure on the tongue. Due to the angle of the bit, as well as the surface area of the Control Plate being bigger than most other tongue pressure bits, some horses that are sensitive to tongue pressure will accept the pressure happily when only light pressure is used on the bit. However when the riders needs to use a little more pressure, the horse will start to resist.

I recommend a Loose Ring Happy Tongue for your horse instead. This will remove the pressure from his tongue, when you need to use a little more pressure on the bit, he will accept and respond to the pressure instead of trying to avoid it.


Claire @ Bombers
9 months ago
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