Panic in jumping

Hi there, I have a 7 year old WB who was in a contact TU elliptical loose ring snaffle (rubber). I could not get him into contact at all, he would not drop his nose or work over his back. So stubborn but love him. He’s now in a contact Portsmouth Pelham. Although at a walk and trot with a still hand he works well intonations the contact, at a canter he is pulling. Jumping is a disaster and he becomes panicked and pulls terribly, I loose him and end up yanking his mouth. This makes things much worse and he literally becomes panicked and breathless.
Please help.

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Hi Karen,

Thank you for your question.

The Elliptical will use mainly tongue pressure, with some pressure on the sides of the bars. Tongue pressure should technically ask the horse to lower their head, but if the horse find that pressure uncomfortable, they will often so against it.

The Pelham that you are using will not create a pressure point on the tongue, but the port is too narrow for it to give very much tongue relief. We need more tongue relief to make your horse comfortable. This will allow him to bring his head to neutral, and respond to the aids.

I recommend a Loose Ring Bomber Blue for your horse. The Bomber Blue will take the pressure off his tongue very well. From his reaction when you are jumping, the Pelham is creating too much pressure. The addition of the curb pressure and leverage on the mouth piece is too much and that is why he is panicking.


Claire @ Bombers
9 months ago
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