Bit for mare - unwilling to accept contact

I am currently having problems with my 6 yo holsteiner x wielkopolski showjumping mare. When presented with pressure on the reins she sticks her head up and her nose out, hollowing her back. I first thought this was due to her being rather lazy, and not going forward - ‘through the bit’, and not keeping a consistent pace, however I have since fixed issues with her pace, and she is now easy to move forward, and keep a good, consistent pace on. Even when going forward, I am unable to hold her into a frame - ‘catch’ the foreword energy to get a soft contact ( it feels as if I’m not strong enough).
Currently I am using a nathe straigh bar, loose ring bit (white rubber) bit, and would prefeferably try other non-metal options. In the past I have used a a sweet iron beval double jointed bit, and a D-ring single jointed bit with copper rollers - her reaction to both of these was similar (if not worse) as with the nathe bit I am currently using. She has regular vet check-ups, her teeth are done yearly, and she has both a masseuse and a feeding specialist working to keep her happy.
I have also tried a few bitless options - a western bosal and a simple halter. In both of these her head carriage was slightly better and more relaxed, however I don’t feel I have enough lateral control for showjumping, and have experienced her buck more in the simple halter.
It is also important to note that I am currently working in draw reins, and all the problems seem to go away when she works with them on - her head carriage becomes stable, she rounds her back, and several trainers have said her position becomes quite good. However, the moment I stop acting with the draw reins, she loses her position, and goes back to fighting the bit.

I am really struggling to understand how to fix these problems, have started contacting many professionals, and am hoping that a bit suggestion might help out!

Thank you!

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Hi Maya,

Thank you for your message.

Your mare is showing signs that she has quite a sensitive mouth. Sensitivity in the mouth often comes across as the horse being a little heavy and resistant. When a horse finds a pressure uncomfortable they will resist against it instead of listening to it.

I recommend a Loose Ring Bomber Blue for her. The Bomber Blue is made from a nylon composite. This material was chosen because it takes the body temperature very quickly and it also encourages salivation.

The Bomber Blue is a ported mouth piece, designed to take the pressure off the horses tongue, as the mouth piece is solid, it also completely eliminates any squeezing pressure on the bars. The port is a low, wide port designed to give maximum tongue relief, without putting any pressure on the palate.


Claire @ Bombers
8 months ago
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