Recommendation for double bridle?

I have very good experiences of Bombers ultra comfy lock up bits. My dressage horse is very sensitive and strong on the hand, especially with other bits I have tried ("normal" weymouth, bridong, baucher etc.)
He is very good with ultra comfy lock up bit. What would your recommendation be for a double bridle?

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Hi Jenni,

The FEI has sadly just changed the Dressage rules, the Ultra Comfy Lock Up is no long legal as a Bridoon. It is legal in the single bridle.

In place of the Ultra Comfy Lock Up I recommend a Loose Ring Bridoon McHardy. This has just been approved by the FEI, it offers good tongue relief to the horse.

For the Weymouth, I recommend a Weymouth 55 Dressage Port. This will give him tongue relief, but the port is a little narrower than the Happy Tongue, to ensure it sits on the bars correctly.


Claire @ Bombers
8 months ago
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