Horse that throws his head up out hunting to evade the bit and runs off?

I have a lovely 6yo ISH, quite excitable but once settled rides beautifully in a copper lozenge loose ring snaffle at home relaxed in a lovely outline. Once he goes hunting he becomes very anxious throws his head up (so far he has hit me in the face a couple times) you can almost see under his chin it's so severe and then bolts forward after the other horses. I then loose all steering and brakes in a dangerous manner. He has had all checks by dentist, physio, chrio, saddle fitter etc. Nil issues. Purely an evasion technique that works extremely well for him. I tried him in a 3ring single joint snaffle not really much difference still lack of control. Was considering one of colin miles collection as I think the rollers may help him settle more through his mouth what would you suggest?

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Hi Shannon,

The Colin Miles uses quite strong tongue pressure. One of the signs that a horse does not accept tongue pressure is head throwing. Many horses will be accepting of the bit at home because their excitement level is quite low. When they become more excited or feel under more pressure, their resistances get bigger and bigger.

I believe the Colin Miles would only make your horse worse and not better.

I recommend a Williams McHardy for him. The McHardy will take pressure off his tongue, which will stop him from throwing his head. The Williams will give you added poll pressure and leverage on the mouth piece. The Williams acts quite quickly, the leverage on the mouth piece is there as soon as the pressure is taken up but it also releases very quickly. This will help to teach your horse to respond to the rein aids. The release is more important than the pressure.


Claire @ Bombers
8 months ago
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