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Very difficult to stop / slow down even in trot. Lifts head up when I want her to slow down . All checks done . Dentist says she has a small, fleshy mouth . Tried Waterford ,loose ring french link and Wilkie , she is still the same . Any advice would be appreciated

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Hi Joanne,

All of the bit that you have tried will use tongue pressure to some extent. The Waterford will use the least amount of tongue pressure, but it does not eliminate the tongue pressure.

A small, fleshy mouth likely means that her bone structure is quite small, the fleshiness will hide this to a large extent. The bit will need to fit her quite snugly, to prevent too much side to side movement. Side to side movement allows the bit to bump over the bars which will cause some discomfort.

I recommend an Eggbutt Ultra Comfy Lock Up for her. The Ultra Comfy is double locked so that it cannot fold downwards or backwards, this means that it retains its shape in the horse’s mouth, and it eliminates any nut cracker action.  The mouth piece is also angled on the sides, so that it goes up and over the tongue, this greatly reduces tongue pressure, while not greatly increasing pressure on the bars.  Due to its’ shape, it will also fit the horse with a narrow bottom jaw without causing any discomfort.


Claire @ Bombers
8 months ago
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