Dressage Bit for strong eventer

Hi, Ive got a little ottb mare who jumps in a straight bar rubber pelham and she goes amazingly in it, but i am struggling to find a bit that works for dressage. I have tried a loose ring straight bar, loose ring french link, and a french link baucher and I find that she just sticks her head up and gets very strong and just tries to run.

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Hi Sarah,

Dressage can demand a much more consistent contact, which is why some horses are then less comfortable with the bit.

I recommend an Eggbutt Ported Barrel for your mare for Dressage. The French Link uses mostly tongue pressure, the straight bar spread the pressure out better, but it doesn't remove any of the pressure. Putting her head up and trying to run are signs that she is trying to get away from the pressure. The Ported Barrel will take the pressure off her tongue, while still allowing you independent lateral aids, and therefore more finesse in your contact.


Claire @ Bombers
10 months ago
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