Holding tongue back help for event horse

My TB X WB has always been fussy in the mouth and i have tried lots of different bits to try and make her happy. She likes draw her tongue back when I am riding and holds it there.I have control but if we do an exercise she finds challenging and she gets hot headed she then will put her tongue over the bit to evade. The normal teeth,back , tack everything regularly checked so I know there is no discomfort. I have ridden her for last 3 years in a NS verbindend at novice level and now moving up to I. I have tried her in a French link style to spread tongue pressure , she can't get her tongue over but draws it back and goes over bent. I have tried her in a single jointed to remove nutcracker action and I didn't see much difference from her normal snaffle. Any recommendations?

Posted in Eventing, asked by Hayley millington smith, 9 months ago. 197 hits.
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