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Hi - I have a 10yo TB, ex racer. Works nicely into a contact but he still opens and closes his mouth an awful lot during flatwork. Less so when jumping (or at least not as noticeably) and less in a drop noseband (which I put on for tests only) but would rather ride him in a cavesson noseband all the time. Currently in a NS Turtletop fixed cheek for flat and Wilkie verbindend for jumping. His contact is light and he isnt strong doingflatwork. Only real issue is the "chomping". Thanks in advance

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Hi Naomi,

Opening the mouth is the horses way of releasing pressure.

The TurtleTop will create tongue pressure, it doesn't create as much of a
pressure point on tongue as the Verbindend does, but it does not relieve any
tongue pressure at all.

I recommend an Eggbutt Ultra Comfy Lock Up for him. The Ultra Comfy is
double locked so that it cannot fold downwards or backwards, this means
that it retains its shape in the horse’s mouth, and it eliminates any nut
cracker action.  The mouth piece is also angled on the sides, so that it
goes up and over the tongue, this greatly reduces tongue pressure, while
not greatly increasing pressure on the bars.  Due to its’ shape, it will
also fit the horse with a narrow bottom jaw without causing any discomfort.

I would use this for both flat work and jumping, if you need a little more
for jumping, we could then look at a 2½ Ring.


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