Dressage approved bit recommendation?

Hi, I have a bomber blue, my horse and I both just love it!!! One happy pony! I event so I need a bit I can do dressage in, after riding in the bomber blue I put my mare back in my loose ring myler level 1 for a dressage day, wow she did not like it at all. Would you possibly suggest one of your bits I could try that are dressage approved?

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It sounds like your mare dislikes tongue pressure. The Myler level 1 bits apply mostly tongue pressure, so that is the reason she dislikes it so much.

We suggest a Loose ring Lock-up for you mare. The Lock-up looks like a normal snaffle, but it is locked to prevent it from creating the nut cracker action of normal snaffles.

It is the closest legal bit, it won’t be quite as well accepted as the Bomber Blue, but the best we can do while staying inside the rules.

5 years ago
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