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I need to find the right snaffle for my horse. I think hes fighting my hand because the bit is too strong for what we were doing , he needs to be more confident to your hand in the contact , his reaction tells me we need a snaffle so that i can use the rein without the snatch back reaction, hope this makes sense ????xx

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Hi Kate,

To be able to give you a solid recommendation, I need to know what bit you are currently using, this will tell me what pressure your horse is objecting to.

We use slightly different terminology than is traditional. We call a single break mouth piece a Snaffle. What is traditionally known as a Snaffle cheek piece is what we call a Loose Ring.

Whenever a horse is showing resistance and fighting against the aids, unless there is something else going on, it is that the bit is too strong. Unfortunately our natural instinct in these cases is often to go stronger and stronger, where we should be going softer and softer until the horse accepts the pressure.


Claire @ Bombers
5 days ago
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