Bit for constant chewer

I have a 9yr old dressage SAW. Backed at 6yrs, he was started off in a straight bar rubber snaffle. About a year after backing I had Dawn Mansfield out and she recommended the Dressage control plate. He has always been a mouthy horse and chewed through 2 straight bars. The control plate went well for about a month and then he started sucking in on the bit. My coach (who was also his rider) then put him back in the straight bar as he seemed happier. He has been off for a year with a pulled tendon and I started riding him in January. I was not happy with the straight bar because he doesnt take contact - just keeps chewing. He was put back in the Dressage control plate and the chewing and sucking back is worse - almost as if he is trying to get his tongue over the bit.

He is not a hot horse but also not lazy. All medical issues have been ruled out. He had (or so I was told by the vet) or what seemed to have been a fractured bottom jaw when he arrived from the stud farm at 6 months old. This was not confirmed with x-rays. There seem to be no issues w.r.t his jaw.

Please assist

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