Fussy/sensitive mouth on thoroughbred polocrosse horse

I have a 13 year old thoroughbred mare that I play polocrosse on. She is very fussy and sensitive in the mouth, especially in canter, and tends to shake her head and stick her tongue out of the side of her mouth at times. She is not overly strong but in the past, the corners of her mouth have split which adds to her sensitivity. When I bought her at Christmas, she had been wearing a French link eggbutt snaffle and I have also recently tried a loose ring French link snaffle and an eggbutt loose ring control plate 45. With this bit she was very fussy to begin with but then improved however I do not feel it was the best suited to her. Please let me know your recommendations. Thank you.

Posted in Polocrosse, asked by Emma Williams , 4 weeks ago. 17 hits.
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