Advice on dressage legal bits?

I need some advice, I have my horse in a 3 ring snaffle which he goes well in, I have the reins only on the snaffle rein, but he is getting rather strong, but if I put the reins on the second ring he completely backs off the bit. But I also need a bit that is dressage legal? I tried an elliptical link, copper loose ring snaffle and he hated it, he took a contact but tossed his head up when I asked for any transitions.

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Your horse is objecting to the tongue pressure, therefore to remove the pressure we can offer the following that is dressage legal: lockup loose ring, or in a double bridle, a happy tongue Weymouth and a lockup bradoon. The Bomber Blue Williams or Happy Tongue Williams would be the best choice but they are unfortunately not dressage legal.

6 years ago
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